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Sales - Distance


Existing & Future Glazed paintings - What u doing about those glazed paintings (keeping 'em, selling at exhibition, distance selling (how?)  <<< replace glaze with 'plastiglaze' + destructions? ( packaging... that leads to: Prices; post/ packing/ insurance/ damaged on arrival claime etc... i.e. The Returns Policy!  That needs amateur 'Legalese' of what and how and why and when and returns policy... the works   THE WORKS  ... YOU cannot dodge unless the answer to ALL THIS is A resoundng NO... even then YOU SAY IT HERE.

All other 'Fragiles' - how do you sell at distance?  What packaging protection.  Where u storing all this bleedin packaging any ways, HUH?  and at what cost including 'past sales date' costs!!!
This is what happens as soon as you think about distance selling rather than 'As Seen' at Exhibitions !!!!

HOW do you get Paid - U NEEDS TELL 'EM!  HERE !!!!  PAYPAL?  <<< Yeh well HOW EXACTLY <<< It's a Policy decision and that needs Writ in Writing!

OR  OR  U tell 'em here that it IS Not Available - UR only selling at Exhibition - Where are WE Then with this???  ANSWERS Detailed to every crossed T and dotted I is needed NOW.

C'mon  Get Head in Gear and have some positive answers... Record 'em here  Then STICK to the RULES  !!!!!!!!  <<<*********  Or else forever hold youe Water.  Don't ask me if you keep ignoring your own Rules!   Think of Coronavirus and All the Rule Makers Who Broke 'em and the concept of Digging Holes, when it's already deep enough.   ME?  Oh I can't be asked - NOT Any More - to keep defending the undefendable! and trying to make the impossible happen when it wasn't supposed to be there anyway..  Decisions in writing... goes to Actions.... that have Consequences.... Refrain from forever bending rules and causing unecessary mayhem.  And forever digging way out of deep holes.  Don't keep bending rules and renegotiating 'em.... BOARD ROOM decisions are meant to 'stick rigidly' - else one gets Fired!  And ALL stock goes to the first bidder Lock Stock and Barel - who's got the cash and the transport... The shop is then Shut!

The RULES GO HERE IN HERE  Then U don't get asked awkward questions... Because you can point 'em to the Ready Cooked Answers  <<<  The're IN HERE Aren't THEY!!!!  SAY YES!  Now figure what they ALL are as a consistent Set!   And Writ 'em LARGE HERE <<<<   Else YOU sort it by yourself!

 From Above

Contact Data

How do folks get to you?   SAY IT here.


What mediums, what frames, what mounts, what else?   TELL 'em here in fairly detailed terms that expand on summries at side of pics in other 'windows'

Don't forget measurements

Tell 'em about color rendition on 'Web'  !!!!



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