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About the Artist

Carol has developed a passion for painting and drawing over several years. Her drawing and painting gained momentum at teacher training college where she studied art as a special subject.

Whilst teaching in primary education, she enjoyed every opportunity to introduce and teach art and craftwork skills to children. During these years, Carol enhanced her artistic skills and developed her style and techniques in acrylic, oil and charcoal.

Carol has continued to develop and focus her strong impressionist style of painting. The majority of her more recent works are produced in specialist acrylics – often and easily mistaken for oil – and also pastels.

Camargue in flight
Carol has a passion for equestrian art subjects, particularly racehorses and wild horses - Camargues and similar. Her impressionist but equally contemporary painting style captures the dynamics and beauty of the horse both in race and running free. Her inspiration in equestrian painting is to recreate the beauty, strength and dynamics of the horse on canvas. She has exhibited as a ‘friend’ of the Society of Equestrian Artists in both London and at Ascot Racecourse, where she has demonstrated sketching ‘horses in action’.

 In addition, she also takes delight in exploring the atmosphere of the landscape and depicting the scene with an emphasis on changes of light to recreate the passage of time and mood. She has exhibited landscape work with the Society of Women Artists at the Mall Galleries.

She is an active member of several art societies in West Surrey and exhibits with them regularly. She has won several awards with Woking and Sunningdale Art Societies as well as the ‘Woking News and Mail’ trophy.


This forthcoming year, Carol is planning to exhibit her works at several venues in Surrey and perhaps beyond.

Many paintings are presented in impressionist style using specialist acrylics. An acrylic medium presents many opportunities to portray a vibrancy and color depth that can equal, challenge and even exceed that of oil as well as having an equivalent longevity.


Other paintings are presented in vibrant archival pastel and some in mixed media. Pastels are a unique medium that offer an exciting depth in the color layers that are not so easy to achieve in either oil or acrylic... of course these pictures need to be framed to protect the somewhat more delicate nature of its structure.



My modestly priced paintings will give years of visual pleasure providing a fantastic way to enhance and complement your home and decor. That extra splash of colour for sitting room, the hall, maybe a stairway and soft topics for the bedrooms, or even the study to help with those contemplative moments.





Please enjoy your visit to my pages. I hope there is something to your liking. Email me here to enquire without obligation.

Carol Ann Taylor


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